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Create Unlimited Real Estate Flyers

Easy Realty Flyers

Easy Realty Flyers is a simple, easy to use Windows software application, designed to help Realtors and Mortgage Professionals create open house and promotional real estate flyers.  It makes real estate flyer creation, printing & e-mailing as simple as possible.

The Easy Way to Batch Extract Photos from Zip Archives

Unzip Photo Archives

Do you spend a lot of time downloading archived Zip photo collections from subscription or torrent sites? Then you must know how monotonous it can be to manually extract the photos, delete unwanted files/folders and finally, verify if the photos are valid.

If you're looking for a better solution, then check out this handy Windows utility.

Latest News & Updates

Easy Realty Flyers (2.1.1705.21) Released

Posted: Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 @9:37PM

A new version of Easy Realty Flyers has been posted and available for immediate download.  As always, this update is free for registered users. This version adds new features listed below: Pan & Zoom Updated PDF Converter Revised Color Palette Chooser Revised Open Flyer Project Dialog Changes to Business Logo   Pan & Zoom You can now zoom in and out of your real estate flyer design...

fotoXplorer for Windows

Posted: Friday, February 17th, 2017 @8:29AM

Development of fotoXplorer is moving along at a fairly quick pace. I started this project (several years ago) because I wanted (needed) a photo management tool which is easy to use, yet powerful enough to get any task done quickly. Among the latest development are: Explorer Shell Integration Multi-threaded directory scanning (fotoXplorer doesn't keep image info in the database) Multi-threaded resize...

Unzip Photo Archives Released

Posted: Monday, December 12th, 2016 @8:13AM

A new version of Unzip Photo Archives has been released.  There are several speed improvements implemented and it is now compiled using Unicode so it can better handle Non-US (english) character sets.  I removed RAR support for now, but plan to re-incorporate it soon.